2019 Rock Spring League

2019 Rock Spring League

Game Schedule

2019 Spring Game Schedule

New Travel Teams

To Build New Travel Roster and Obtain Passes

IF YOU ARE A NEW TEAM FOR SPRING 2019 (do not have travel passes from a fall league) follow this link - and click on "team builder" to build your new team.  Be sure to select Rock Spring League as...

Referee Reports

Link to the Left

Referees, please email your game reports weekly to rockrefs@crusa.net

Score Reporting

There are three options for entering your score after each game.
Winner of the game should input the score, if the game is tie, home team should input.

Option 1: Phone App
Step 1: Download the "PhoneItIn" App to your smart phone. 
Step 2: Enter the Pin # and Game #

     PIN # - 3778
     GAME # - Found on the far left side of your game schedule.
Step 3: 
Your game will pop up after you put the above info in. Click "CONFIRM"
Step 4: 
The next screen allows you to enter your game score.  Click Submit
This will post the score on the website in real time.

This will not work for you if your phone has been updated to IOS 11.
Instead, you will need to go to the PhoneItIn webpage -
http://crusa.net/phoneitin/  to input your scores, following the same steps as above.

Option 2: Call In Score
Call the Score Reporting phone system at:  866-334-6294.
Follow the voice prompts.
You will need the Pin # and Game #
     PIN # - 3778
     GAME # - Found on the far left side of your game schedule.

We will ask the WINNER of the game to input the score, although both teams can input if they like.  If the game is a TIE, the home team should put in the score.  If a few days go by and you do not see the score entered, it's fine for you to enter if, even if you did not win the game.  It's great to get the scores in so we have the info as complete as possible, so keep those up to date as best you can.

Rock Spring League Weather Cancellation Policy

Rock Spring league typically leaves field status decisions up to the individual clubs but as a general rule teams do play in the rain. Referee’s determine if field conditions are safe for game play. Note that all games will be cancelled if there is lightning.

If any club closes their fields for the day due to the rain, Rock Spring League must be notified at least 3 hours before game time, to allow time to cancel referees. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT INDIVIDUAL GAME CANCELLATIONS DUE TO RAIN.  WE MUST HEAR FROM THE CLUB FIELD COORDINATOR IN ORDER TO CANCEL GAMES.  If the weather is bad enough that a league wide decision is made to cancel all games for the day, an email message will be sent to all participating teams and an announcement will be posted on the web page - www.rockleague.net

2019 Rock Spring League Rules

Rock Spring League Rules 2019

Rock Spring League 2019 Referee Fees

Age Group
Center Ref
Assist. Ref
Assist. Ref
$ Per Team
Single Referee System
Single Referee System
Three Referee System
Three Referee System
Three Referee System



The Rock Spring League is the area’s most established spring soccer travel youth league with over 500 teams competing in soccer ages U9 thru U19 for both boys and girls. All games are played on Sunday...